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Reusable shopping bags and pouches in all formats and all materials.


Solutions involving your brand or store in the ecological transition.

sac écologique

Eco-friendly bags made in Europe or Asia.

sac eco-responsable

Support at all stages of your project: design, manufacture, delivery.

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An essential companion for all your activities, the bag is also a very good vector of communication for your brand or your store.

Whether you gave it away or sold it at the cash register, or even offered it as part of a marketing campaign, it will give you the best visibility, with no time limit.

Pioneers through and trough, we are on the lookout for all technical and eco-responsible innovations: bio-based, recyclable or compostable materials.

Let your imagination run wild for a personalized bag whatever its dimensions, material and use!

Our materials


sac coton éco-responsable

Natural, bio-based and recyclable material, cotton is particularly suitable for your eco-friendly shopping bags, tote bags or pouches.
Great classics and timeless, cotton bags offer many printing possibilities.
Eco-friendly suggestion: the cotton bags are also available in GOTS certified organic cotton.

Origin: Europe or Asia


sac cabas jute écologique

Used for generations for food transport and storage, at the same time natural, bio-based and biodegradable, jute bags also have a very popular natural appearance. Choose starched jute for more hold, rather than the interior lamination, which is certainly effective but which alters the eco-friendly characteristics. Our tip for successful printing: choose a heavy weight (gsm).

Origin: Asia


sac éco-responsable juco

Do you know juco?
This material is a mix of jute (“ju”) and cotton (“co”).
It combines the advantages of both materials: less messy than cotton,
and stronger than jute with same weight (gsm).
The printing possibilities are also better than on conventional jute.

Origin: Asia


sac écologique papier

Natural, renewable and sometimes recycled material, paper bags are recyclable and biodegradable.
We use non-toxic water soluble inks and glues which also guarantee recycling and biodegradability.
Our eco-friendly advice: choose FSC-certified paper bags which attest that the wood used to manufacture the paper comes from sustainably managed forests.

Origin: Europe

PP woven

sac cabas PP tissé

Woven polypropylene is the material mainly used for shopping bags. Composed of at least 70% recycled material, the bags are 100% recyclable! They also offer incomparable strength that allows them to be reused for years.
Our advice: if the design is essential, the woven PP will provide incomparable print quality.

Origin: Europe or Asia

PP non woven

sac cabas PP non tissé

Like woven polypropylene, non-woven PP bags are also made of at least 70% recycled material and remain 100% recyclable. They feature a more fabric-like finish, with many printing possibilities.

Origin: Europe or Asia


sac cabas RPET

RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and is in turn 100% recyclable.
Eco-friendy advice: for an even more ecological bag, do not laminate the RPET! Print directly on the fabric to facilitate recycling.

Origin: Europe or Asia

Recycled polyester

sac polyester recylclé

Recycled polyester bags are often used for “pocket bag” formats, small foldable bags that are very easy to slip into the pocket to do some shopping.
The printing on the polyester is very qualitative and allows you to give free rein to your design ideas.

Origin: Asia

Kraft/Strenghtened paper

sac cabas kraft papier renforcé

Still little known, the kraft / strengthened paper shopping is an excellent eco-friendly alternative.
Available in many weights (gsm), it is tough, durable and sponge washable.
Kraft can be virgin or recycled but will always be recyclable and biodegradable!

Origin: Asia


sac cabas PLA

PLA (polylactic acid) is a natural, bio-based, plant-based material made from corn, potato or beet starch. PLA shopping bags are compostable in an industrial composting center.
Extremely strong, their appearance close to the fabric allows many applications in terms of printing.

Origin: Asia


Sac feutrine

The reusable felt bag is available in several sizes and colors. Traditionally made from card wool or mohair (goat), felt can also be made from wool-rayon (biobased) or with 100% recycled polyester.
Appreciated for its strength, its rigidity, its lightness and the softness of its material, the felt shopping bag is ecological and reusable for many years.

Origin: Asia

Other materials

sac matière éco-responsable

Are you interested in eco-friendly bags made from other materials?
We are used to working with bamboo or water hyacinth as well.