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Global Recyled Standard label (GRS): what does it guarantee?

Do you know the standard Global Recyled Standard ? This standard is alongside several labels and certifications, such as GOTS for example, in order...
label logo certification FSC Forest Stewardship Council

What is the FSC label?

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Discover the FSC label, the most recognized certification on compliance with sustainable global forest management!
Le Chili : un exemple en matière de transition écologique

Chile: an example of ecological transition

The Chilean government places the ecological transition at the heart of its policy to address the 23,000 tons of waste produced each year. What are the initiatives put in place to reduce plastic pollution in particular?
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All about composting

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In France, a person produces an average of 573 kg of household garbage every year, among which biowails represent a third of the residual bins.

Solutions In order to optimize the volume of waste yet exists: recycling, composting ...

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What is PLA, a material commonly used for eco-responsible food packaging?

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Discover the pla, natural material ideal for your food packaging (cold dishes) and drinks! This transparent biosourced material is a good ecological alternative. It is also compostable in an industrial environment.

emballage alimentaire éco-responsable eco-friendly food packaging biodégradable compostable recyclable réutilisable matières naturelles végétales PLA kraft bois bambou bagasse bamboo wood sacs cabas à emporter livraison repas

Eco-responsible food packaging solutions Faced with the explosion of catering delivered and take away

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Are you looking for greener food packaging for your delivery or take away? We offer various packaging made from natural materials (pla, bagasse, kraft, ...) and personalized to your image! All our products are reusable, recyclable or compostable.

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Eco-responsible bags for your fruits and vegetables: What are the solutions?

Objective: Zero plastic for single use by 2040!
Since January 1, 2022, disposable plastic packaging are forbidden for fruits and vegetables less than 1.5kg. Discover our solutions to transport your fruits and vegetables!