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Cabas isothermes : les nouvelles glacières éco-responsables
14 December 2021

Cooler bags: the new eco-friendly alternatives

Cooler bags are particularly appreciated by professionals and individuals: practical and useful for shopping or going on a picnic, it is perfect to keep food and drinks cool. Because it is also customizable, it is an advertising object favored by many brands or marketing campaigns.

Moreover, like many other products, the cooler bag has not escaped eco-friendly developments. The industry had to rethink the entire way the product is made, including its insulation.

Let’s find out how the insulated cooler bag becomes more ecological.

Classic insulated cooler bags

sac isotherme polyester recyclé recyclable écologique éco-responsable eco-friendly cooler bag

Cooler bag in polyester

sac cabas isotherme recyclé recyclable écologique éco-responsable eco-friendly cooler bag

PP woven cooler bag

Insulated cooler bags are traditionally made from polyester or PP woven. Insulation, on the other hand, is usually produced from aluminum foil and PE foam. The cooler bag, regardless of its size, has the advantage of being reusable. And this, for many years.

In a logic of circular economy and ecological transition, we have been producing these insulated cooler bags for many years from a minimum of 70% recycled material.

Insulated cooler bags made from eco-friendly materials

The insulated cooler bags follow the same eco-friendly trends as the bagging sector in general. These ones are now available in various bio-based materials such as cotton, jute and kraft. However, it is important to ensure that the raw materials present certifications related to their production conditions: this is particularly the case of cotton whose production is very polluting (see our previous article). Same advice for kraft: we recommend paper from sustainably managed forests (FSC) and / or recycled (FSC mix).

Despite developments in terms of the materials used, insulated cooler bags remain difficult to recycle, especially given the insulating part. Before any purchase, make sure that both the production and the end of their life are part of a sustainable development process.

Cooler bag: new eco-friendly insulating materials

Still not widely used, some brands now offer 100% bio-based insulated cooler bags with insulating part made of wool, for example. Indeed, this natural material is apparently an inexhaustible resource (as long as there are sheep, there will be wool). Real progress!

Insulated cooler bags, like other shopping bags, have an up-to-date role in the ecological transition. The bag part is now available in eco-friendly biobased materials: cotton, jute and kraft. New natural insulating materials are emerging, such as wool.

In addition to the mode of production, it is essential to take into account the degradability of materials. Although polyester and woven PP are non-bio-based materials, these materials are recyclable. It is from at least 70% recycled materials that we produce, for example, our classic and insulated cooler bags in PP woven.

When you purchase an insulated cooler bag, make sure that it is at least partly biodegradable or recyclable. It might therefore be necessary to separate after use the different materials that compose it in order to better manage their recovery.

Cotton, jute, or rather recycled PP woven? You just have to choose!

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