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19 February 2021
What is an eco-friendly sourcing?
9 June 2021

Eco-friendly procurement: what is behind WASTELESS Group?

LBX Asie now operates its eco-friendly sourcing activities under the name of WASTELESS Group. We are very proud of this new identity which has many meanings for us, all extremely strong.

WASTELESS Group: the new commercial identity of LBX ASIE

Today, both in our role as consumer and on a corporate scale, reducing our environmental impact is no longer an objective but an imperative. Thanks to our “WASTELESS Group” identity, we assert our long-standing commitment to this environmental approach.
Indeed, for more than fifteen years now, we have been providing eco-friendly sourcing solutions to our customers and have acquired extensive experience in terms of material, sustainability, recyclability and compostability. We therefore wanted our name to reflect our values as well as our actions in line with a circular economy logic.
The notion of Group refers to our fundamentally global nature, since our teams are present on 3 continents to support you wherever you are.

Our values: eco-friendly sourcing… and local!

Since 2005, searching the best sources of supply for our customers has given us a vision and in-depth knowledge of Asian and European industrial fabrics. Following numerous requests, we have frequently broadened our action scope to include products that complement those we usually source. After all these years, we have a panel of partner manufacturers and factories that we have selected to ensure the best quality.
Of course, when making this choice, we always ensure that our fundamental values are respected, and we refer to the best international certifications. For us, eco-responsibility necessarily includes an environmental ethical dimension, but also a social one. We thus ensure compliance with global standards.
We will also suggest, whenever possible, to favor a local supply in order to limit the transport of your goods. It was therefore important for us to make our implications of eco-friendly sourcing in Europe to resonate by opening up the field of possibilities with our new identity.

Four Business Units for WASTELESS Group

In the image of our diversification in terms of eco-friendly sourcing, Wasteless Group is organized into four business units. This new organization also makes it possible to better target the expectations of each sector and to offer you solutions and specialized content for your activity.

The first Business Unit, WASTELESS Bags, refers to our historical activity: the bag. However, at WASTELESS Group, the term “bag” is to be taken in the broad sense since we offer different shapes (shopping bags, tote bags, pouches, etc.) and materials depending on your requirements and your desires in terms of sustainability, recyclability and of course environment. We attach great importance to this activity because we consider the bag, regardless of its format, as a powerful vector of communication that conveys the image of your brand or your store.

The second Business Unit, WASTELESS Packaging, is a logical evolution of our presence in the bag market, and particularly with the paper bag. This product indeed intends for professionals in the catering industry, delivered or taken away, and it was natural that we offered our customers a complete range, adapted to their activity and meeting their expectations (and also the ones of consumers) in terms of degradability of packaging. All our products are therefore compostable and / or recyclable.

It is easy to understand what WASTELESS Textile refers to, our third Business Unit. It is based on a double experience: the sourcing of some textile articles on the one hand (caps, aprons, T-shirts, etc.) and the expertise acquired in certain materials that we use for other products, in particular bags (cotton, polyester, etc.).
Here too, we now have partners, textile engineers and manufacturers aware of environmental issues (recycled or bio-based textiles) in order to respond to your requests. We therefore support you in 5 categories: household linen, professionalclothing, industrial solutions, fashion and accessories.

Finally, with Wasteless Lifestyle, our fourth Business Unit, you will find various everyday objects: water bottles, nomadism goods, eco-friendly merchandising … We have a few examples of products already supplied for our customers, but we will do our best to search for the novelty you want.

As you understood, with this new commercial identity, we reaffirm our commitments: to bring you the most complete and appropriate offer, to ensure you the best quality to convey your image and to contribute to a sustainable future by favoring natural materials and recycled.

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