Food packaging

The eco-friendly food packaging (the real one!)

Are you a merchant, craftsman or catering professional? Are you looking for more eco-friendly food packaging? We offer you :

  • the tailor-made of your customized food packaging (depending on the quantities). Choose the material, size and design for a product 100% in your image!
  • a wide range of food packaging in stock at our distributor DC Pack, near Besançon (online sales and professional counter).

Since the ecological transition is at the heart of our concerns, all our products are designed from natural, vegetable or recycled materials (PLA, kraft and bagasse) and recoverable at the end of their life. With us, even the plastic is bio-based (of plant origin)!

Beyond the eco-design of our food packaging, we also want our products to be part of a logic of ecological transition. All our items are thus biodegradable, recyclable or compostable.

Our range adapts to all sectors, occasions and cuisines: cups for hot or cold drinks, meal or dessert boxes, accessories and paper bags.

Our materials


The PLA is an alternative to plastic since it is a bio-based material and compostable industrially produced from starch (usually corn).

PLA is only suitable for your cold drinks and dishes, salads, cheeses, cold cuts or desserts. Indeed, from above 40°C the material can deform, which is also why it is important to transport and store your packaging in a cool environment.


Kraft is a plastic substitute for cups, meal boxes and delivery bags. This material is natural, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Kraft food packaging may contain cold and warm drinks and foods. Our products are sometimes coated with corn starch to preserve the tightness of your preparations during transport. This bio-based lamination makes it possible to guarantee a product 100% compostable industrially.


The bagasse is made from sugar cane residues and is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or polystyrene since biodegradable and compostable in an industrial environment.

Bagasse food packaging are suitable for cold or hot use (up to 100°C), are waterproof and fat proof. With this natural and breathable material, the water vapor created by food can escape to preserve the quality of your preparations.