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What is an eco-friendly sourcing?

Why choosing an eco-responsible sourcing and what are the options?
Protecting the environment is everyone’s top priority today: citizen consumers of course, but also and above all supplying companies.

Eco-friendly procurement: what is behind WASTELESS Group?

LBX Asie now operates its eco-friendly sourcing activities under the name of WASTELESS Group. We are very proud of this new identity which has many meanings for us, all extremely strong.

Zoom sur le sac papier
Zoom on the paper bag

Are you wondering if your business should switch to paper bags? Indeed, it may be difficult for you to choose this material among others which also offer interesting properties. That is the reason why this article about paper bags will give you an overview of what is best for your business.

Sac Kraft
3 minutes to know everything about the Kraft bag!

Also known as a paper bag or “cone” in Switzerland, the word “Kraft” comes from the Swedish language in which it means “Strength”. It is commonly used to refer to solid paper.

emballage restauration
What are the food packaging eco-friendly solutions for restaurants

Coffee in the car, noodle box at the office, a soup on the go or even a pizza delivered at home, the single use disposable packaging is everywhere in our daily lives.

approvisionnement (éco)responsable
What is (eco) responsible sourcing ?

For companies that have placed CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the heart of their concerns, the implementation of responsible or even eco-responsible sourcing represents a first concrete solution…