For your hot drinks, we advise our eco-friendly cups in double wall kraft.

For a dish in sauce, we recommend the kraft round boxes, available in several formats.

Our bagasse sauce pots are suitable for all uses: cold and hot liquids or sauces.

Be sure to keep your food packaging items away from heat and daylight.
Our products are 100% bio-based and compostable industrially, it is therefore necessary to store them in a suitable place in order to maintain their properties.

The concept of biodegradable packaging refers to a product "likely to be disaggregated" (Robert Dictionary). This notion is vague and specifies neither the conditions nor the duration of decomposition.
A compostable product is a biodegradable product, but the term "compostable" (at home or industrially) refers to limited degradation in time (usually 12 weeks in the ideal conditions).



We can ship our products by cardboard from France and larger quantities all over the world on order.

In order to become a distributor, please contact us via our contact form.


It is quite possible to customize the packaging to your brand. To do this, please contact us via the contact form.