Sac cabas réutilisable et recyclable
Sac cabas en polypropylène tissé : pourquoi est-il plus écologique qu’on ne le pense ?
7 October 2021
sac cabas éco-responsable
Shoppez-vous éco-responsable ?
15 October 2021

Polypropylene woven shopping bag: why is it more eco-friendly than what we think?

Sac cabas réutilisable et recyclable

The polypropylene woven shopping bag is widely present in large retailers. It is even often sold as a product in its own right. Easily customizable, the PP woven shopping bag can be a powerful communication vector 

Although durable if it is well used, the woven bag is often pointed out because it is made with plastic material.  

However, do you know that the polypropylene woven shopping bag is more eco-friendly that it seems to be?  

Be patient, you will soon understand why … 

The polypropylene woven shopping bag is made with recycled material

The PP woven shopping bag is eco-friendly notably because it is made from at least 70% of recycled material. Considered as the best alternative to disposable plastic bags, this one is durablewaterproof and washable 

The polypropylene woven shopping bag can be made in Asia, but not only. Many European factories are now equipped to manufacture it. That option thus makes it possible to limit carbon footprint from transportation 

Moreover, the recycling chain of polypropylene being well developed, it is possible to get easily recycled material to produce PP woven shopping bags 

Besides its production from recycled material, the PP woven shopping bag has many other ecologic advantages. Let’s find out which ones.  

Polypropylene woven shopping bag: resistant and reusable

Contrary to disposable plastic bags that it initially came to replace, the polypropylene woven shopping bag is moreover eco-friendly because it is resistant and reusable. The PP lamination on the bag notably strengthens its solidity and it makes it possible to obtain a waterproof bag 

The PP woven shopping bag is also able to contain a few dozen of kilos. 

According to its use, the polypropylene woven shopping bag can have a lifespan of about 10 years. Although its mode of manufacture is critiqued from an ecological point of view, its durability allowing it to be used up to hundreds of times limits its impact on the environment.   

The problem is not therefore the PP woven shopping bag, but rather its end of life. If your polypropylene woven shopping bag is recycled, then it won’t pollute  

Polypropylene woven shopping bag: 100% recyclable

Is the recycling of shopping bags not a considerable advantage in the face of ecologic constraints? 

If it’s made from recycled material, the woven polypropylene bag is moreover fully recyclable 

For that, you only have to place it in your recycling bin or to the recycling center, when it will be too damaged to be used again. Before that, you will surely have used it hundreds of times.   

When it is isolated in sorting center, polypropylene is crushed, washed and dried to be recycled from plastics granules obtained. The recycled PP woven is in general used to remake a similar product. However, in some cases, recycled polypropylene notably makes it possible to manufacture:   

  • food packaging (yogurt pots, disposable boxes, …);  
  • automotive industry products like bumpers and car interiors;  
  • rugs or high resistance woven bags. 

Made with recycled materialreusable up to 10 years and recyclable, the polypropylene woven shopping bag has a minimal ecological impact considering its characteristics.   

Like every non-single use plastic productit can be advantageous if it is used wisely.  

To respect our environment, take care not to throw away your shopping bag or any other waste in the nature. Remember to drop it off into the recycling bin meant for that purpose, or in the recycling center to recycle it.  

Do you want to propose an eco-friendly bag in your image to reinforce your communication? Contact-us, we’ll make together the bag that suits you!  

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