Selection of the best supplier for your product

Thanks to our teams, carry out your supply projects with complete peace of mind!

We first study the different possible supply areas according to your needs and requirements: Europe, Asia (China, Vietnam, etc.), etc.

We then select the most qualified and competitive players in the sector. We take particular account of their production conditions in order to guarantee respect for people and the environment. We can also rely on internationally recognized certifications (FSC, OEXO-TEX, GOTS, etc.).

You will finally receive samples or prototypes to make your choice. After negotiations with the selected suppliers, we will send you the best offer.

Performing quality checks

Be sure that we are on hand to guarantee you the best quality.

Our teams are your representatives in the factories. Thanks to our regular visits to suppliers, we check the conformity of the product throughout its manufacturing process. We also check that the loading process has been carried out correctly.

With us, choose the best value for money!

Supervision of operations and logistics

From design to delivery of your products: we bring your ideas to life!

After having negotiated the best rates and terms of payment with the selected factory, we carry out the follow-up of the manufacture and the quality control of your articles. We make sure that the deadlines are respected, you will be regularly informed.

With our forwarding partners, we organize the delivery of your products to the delivery address you have defined. Our service obviously includes customs formalities.

If you wish, we have the possibility of storing some of your products and delivering them at different times and/or to several sites.

We can also provide a customized finish in France before delivery (printing, embroidery, etc.).