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12 enero 2021
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Zoom on the paper bag
19 febrero 2021

3 minutes to know everything
about the Kraft bag!

Sac Kraft

Also known as a paper bag or “cone” in Switzerland, the word “Kraft” comes from the Swedish language in which it means “Strength”. It is commonly used to refer to solid paper.

In 1884, the process for making a kraft bag is patented by a German painter named Carl Ferdinand Dahl. In 1870, American Margaret Eloise Knight creates the kraft paper bag machine. It then become a must for trade in the sectors of packaging or transportation of goods.

Mainly made from wood, the kraft bag is a great alternative to plastic since it is biodegradable and recyclable.

Through this article LBX Asie takes a look closer at the iconic kraft bag and at its different formats and styles, as well as its environmental standards.

The kraft bag: A format that adapts to (almost) everything!

Sac Kraft For some people, the kraft bag has a bad reputation. Some would say it lacks of strength, however, it is essential to adapt the kraft bag to its specific use! The kraft material can indeed contain and support up to 50 kg of cement or plaster at the condition that the weight of the paper is correctly assessed. Its strength is therefore not to be proven.

The different shapes of kraft bags must be studied according to the needs of the company, the choice of supply for your bags must be considered and analyzed according to several criteria: What will my bag contain? What maximum weight will it support? Do I need handles? Will my bag be subject to multiple handling? Etc.

Some calculation methods make it possible to evaluate the correct weight of material according to the maximum expected load. Depending on the sector, companies, particularly in the fashion and food industry, the business should provide several sizes and qualities of bags depending on their use.

To calculate the volume of a bag, we can use the formula: width + gusset * x height. The gusset * being the depth of your bag.
Pouch, small bag or luxury bag, the sizes may vary depending on the use, the desired durability, the message you want to convey or your budget.
Wasteless Group is well aware of the challenges facing companies in the supply of kraft bags, which is why we offer a complete study of your activity to offer you customized solutions.

The Kraft bag - Various styles to suit each expectation

sac kraft

Whether for single transport use or used for commercial purposes with the development of your brand image, the kraft bag offers many possibilities: 

The Brown Kraft bag

The brown paper kraft bag: It is available in several forms, with different styles of handles. Some are particularly common: the kraft bag with twisted handles, flat handles, or in cord. You might also find in its raw shape without handles (SOS bag), with a flat or square bottom, generally used in the take-away sectors (catering, food, etc.).

exemple de sac kraft sans poignée

It is the most ecological form of kraft paper since it does not require any treatment of the paper which facilitates its degradation and recycling (no solvent).


Smooth and colored Kraft bag

sac Kraft lisse coloré

Clearly preferred by the labels, smooth and colored Kraft bag provides a wide range of possibilities in order to make a special branding. Thanks to several colorization and printing processes, white, mate or glossy coating can be added for a better aspect and touch. A customized and crafted design shall turn bag into a communication medium for your company. Of course, characteristics are the same as brown Kraft bags with choice of handles according to any requirements.

 Kraft bag with window

sac kraft avec fenêtre Kraft bag is handy and nice, mainly if there’s pretty products to showcase. That’s a workaround for brand marketing avoiding printing process, even of course if both are possible.
Kraft bag with window is ideal for regional or exotic food products for instance! Most of windows are PLA, biosourced and compostable, so keeping biodegradable and recyclable part of Kraft bag.




Kraft bag and environmental FSC standards

As explained in the introduction, Kraft is mainly produced from wood. Environmental impact, even if it is lower than plastic one has still to be considered. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has set-up labelled environmental standards which help fulfilling environmental, social and economic issues with a forest sustainable management purpose. These standards are based on key principles as legal compliance, workers safeguard, ecosystems management and organic diversity…

So, FSC labelled Kraft bags ensure sustainable forest management in order to get the most eco-friendly supply chain as possible.
Don’t forget that your company values can also be expressed through the supply standards you endorsed.


Le sac kraft et les normes environnementales FSC Wasteless Group supports companies in an eco-friendlier supply approach, that’s why we rely on FSC certification in order to provide companies better sustainable solutions, eco-friendlier and human compliant.

You’ve understood, Kraft bag is a product with numerous features, such as usefulness, design possibilities and values promoting.
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