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For companies that have placed CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the heart of their concerns, the implementation of responsible or even eco-responsible sourcing represents a first concrete solution. This article focuses on this major issue of the 21st century and how LBX-Asie fits into this process :

When to produce sustainably is better than just producing

The use of resources that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable is not contrary to neither efficiency nor productivity. Sustainable sourcing consists of using materials taking into account their capacity for renewal and limiting the impact on the environment. This one of the core values ​​of LBX-ASIE, who wishes to support its customers towards a more eco-responsible future by guiding them towards personalized solutions according to their sectors of activity.

Thanks to our adaptability to different markets, we analyze your needs before any design. Our teams, purchasing and sales, which is multilingual and multicultural, have a perfect knowledge of the economic and industrial fabric, which allows them to identify the right supply of sustainable materials that meet your requirements.

The basis of sustainable sourcing – thinking upstream about the materials of tomorrow

Your ethical and societal concerns are at the center of our research to ensure production from biodegradable, recycled or even biobased materials. The choice of materials used to manufacture your products must be studied well upstream, in order to determine the best economic and environmental combination for your company.

Among the materials labeled we work with, we find wood for paper, organic cotton, jute, or felt for fabrics, polypropylene and PLA. Whatever you might need, LBX Asie offers you an upstream reflection to offer you the material that best suits to your objectives.

The degradability of materials, think about the “after” 

The degradability of materials is a major issue of the 21st century, facing what we call the 7th continent. Taking into account the degradability of materials after use is an essential factor in the environment protection. The materials we offer are either degradable or recyclable. They will be decomposed naturally or industrially without negative impact on the environment, or else recycled and upgraded.

Sustainable procurement & CSR partnership

Our advice regarding sourcing consider the entire life cycle of your products, from manufacture to degradation. We base our approach on the basis of a partnership in a CSR logic which however never neglects your economic concerns. The different labels to which we refer, FSC, GOTS, BSCI, OEKO-TEX are all guarantees of this.

You have a question, or want to develop a more responsible and ethical sourcing? Contact us, we will assess your needs according to your budget, your values ​​and your goals.