What is WASTELESS Lifestyle, one of the 4 Business Units of the WASTELESS Group?
8 julio 2021
Qu’est-ce que WASTELESS Lifestyle, l’une des 4 Business Units de WASTELESS Group ?
28 julio 2021

What is WASTELESS Lifestyle, one of the 4 Business Units of the WASTELESS Group?

The history of merchandising at WASTELESS Group

Ethical merchandising, ecological promotional products, various sustainable items? Nothing new for WASTELESS Group!

For many years, we have been sourcing all kinds of items for our customers that complement our main activity. It was therefore quite natural that we brought them together in a business unit (WASTELESS Lifestyle), along with bags, food packaging and textiles.

It all started with merchandising, thesepromotional items that our customers wanted to offer in turn to their own customers. Our teams being present in Asia, it was logical that we could provide them while always favoring our qualitative and ethical approach.

Then, quite naturally, we were approached for other more elaborate products: tape measure or corkscrew, for example. Thanks to our knowledge of the industrial fabrics of the countries where we are based and the quality controls that we carry out ourselves, we were able to bring ease and serenity of supply to our customers.

Little by little, our range has grown and this sourcing has become a full-fledged activity …

What to expect from WASTELESS Lifestyle?

Among the most sought after, there are obviously industrial and technological items, but more and more, also, those we call “nomads“. These are the ones that correspond to the new way of life which favors the sustainable over the disposable. Ainsi, par exemple, les gourdes isothermes sont très demandées puisqu’on ne se déplace plus avec une bouteille d’eau en plastique. So, for example, insulated water bottlesare in great demand since you no longer travel with a plastic water bottle.

Likewise, the small insulated bag to carry your meal to the office. Whatever products we are sourcing for our customers, our approach is always the same: targeting eco-responsibility, ecological transition and of course respect for the most basic ethical standards.

Zoom on eco-friendly merchandising

The merchandising item of the 21st century is no longer the same as that of the 20th century!

The demand for this type of product has evolved considerably in recent years.

Whereas in the past brands offered a “gadget”, a fun and original little object whose lifespan was often very short, the best example being the keychain. Today they are primarily looking for an article that carries a message related to their values: sustainability, recyclability or ethics.

Whether it is to present your wishes, the launch of a new productor a major marketing campaign, it is now essential to put forward your environmental concerns.

Even if the life of the gift is limited, it must be, at least, 100% recyclable.

We have answers to all your requests because we know where to look. So let us know all your wishes, we will guide you..

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