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15 enero 2021
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12 mayo 2021

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Are you wondering if your business should switch to paper bags? Indeed, it may be difficult for you to choose this material among others which also offer interesting properties. That is the reason why this article about paper bags will give you an overview of what is best for your business.

The types of paper bags

  • White or brown paper bags

Paper bags are usually made with brown or white paper. Brown paper does not undergo any chemical treatment for its coloring, it is by definition the more ecological version. While brown paper is most often preferred due to its natural appearance, white paper is generally chosen for the printing possibilities on the bag.
Finally, although rarer, it is also possible to find fully printed bags in the color of your choice.
Whatever color you choose, you will have the choice of the thickness of the paper according to the desired resistance.

  • Which paper bag for your use

  •  Do you own a restaurant or a premium grocery? Kraft bags with or without handles are the best options for your business. Their flat bottoms and large bellows will easily carry your products, even those with high weight.
  • Do you sell drinks? There are paper bags whose shape is specially designed to contain bottles, individually, by two or by three.
  • If you run a stand or work in a market, paper bags have become a standard for selling your products.

Whatever your activity and the products you sell, LBX Asie can help you choose your bag, the thickness of the paper, the dimensions, the type of handles, etc.

The advantages of the paper bag

The main advantages of the paper bag are: 

  • The paper bag is recyclable and biodegradable

The paper bag is an eco-responsible product: it can be used several times and then recycled. In the case that it is unfortunately left in the nature rather than recycled, it would still be degraded naturally. 

  • It is very resistant

Contrary to popular belief, paper bags are very resistant. They can contain clothes or objects, a take-away meal and also support the weight of grocery shopping.

  • It helps improve your notoriety

It’s not a scoop, paper is a great printing media. Personalize your bag with your logo! It will become an excellent vector of communication, strengthen your notoriety and underline your environmental concern.

Some key figures of the paper bag:

  •  The production of recycled paper consumes 3 times water and energy than the production of new paper
  • The paper bag takes only 5 months to degrade in nature compared to hundreds of years for the plastic bag
    At Wasteless Group, we want to offer you the most suitable solution for your activity, combining economy, sustainability and ecology.

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