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Transform your sourcing and strengthen your sustainable impact with our team of experts

WASTELESS GROUP - Efficient and responsible sourcing solutions

Thanks to our team, we are able to select the best supplier for your product. Carry out your projects with complete peace of mind!

1. In-depth analysis of supply areas: We identify the best sources of sourcing in Europe or Asia to meet your specific needs.

2. Selection of qualified and competitive suppliers: We carefully choose the most qualified actors in the industry. We pay particular attention to production conditions that respect people and the environment.

3. Guaranteed compliance and certifications: We draw on internationally recognised certifications to ensure that our products meet the highest ethical and environmental standards.

4. Samples and negotiations: We provide you with samples and prototypes to help you make an informed decision. Then we negotiate the best offers with the selected suppliers.

Photo of the Wasteless Group team of sourcing experts
Icône Recyclage


Icône de Règle

custom made

Icône de Crayon


Icône Loupe


Factory in Vietnam which is a partner of the Wasteless Group

Quality assured at every stage of production

A team dedicated to your satisfaction

  • On-site representation: Our team is present in the factories to ensure quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Checking and verification: We make regular visits to check the conformity of the product and ensure that loading is proceeding smoothly.

  • Peace of mind: You can count on our commitment to guaranteeing the highest quality and meeting your requirements.

Complete management of your operations and logistics

From conception to delivery, we take care of everything

  • Production monitoring and control: We closely monitor the production of your products, ensuring that deadlines and quality are met.
  • Logistics management: We work with forwarding partners to organise the transport of your products to your designated delivery address. This also includes customs formalities.
  • Flexible storage and delivery: We offer customised storage and delivery solutions, enabling you to receive your products at different times and/or in different locations.
Wasteless Group logistics warehouse

Eco-labels and certifications we offer

FSC Label

OK compost INDUSTRIAL Label

GOTS Label

GRS Label

Our experts are available today to discuss your specific needs and find out how our sourcing solutions can benefit your business.