Global Recyled Standard label (GRS): what does it guarantee?

Wasteless Group norme label Global Recycled Standard GRS

Do you know the standard Global Recyled Standard ?

This standard is alongside several labels and certifications, such as GOTS for example, in order to certify in particular the recycled content of a textile product. To obtain the GRS certification, the product must contain at least 50% recycled material. Let’s discover the GRS standard in more detail!

What is the Global Recycled Standard label?

The international Global Recyled Standard was created in 2008 by Control Union Certifications and is now the ownership of Textile Exchange. It certifies the recycled content of a textile product, but also check compliance with environmental and social criteria following:

Environmental requirements:

  • compliance with legal requirements for water consumption, energy and greenhouse gas production;
  • wastewater control and compliance with associated legal requirements;
  • Implementation of a waste management system;
  • Implementation of various requirements in order to manage environmental issues;
  • limitation of chemicals.

Social requirements:

  • establishment of a policy of social responsibility;
  • prohibition of forced work and child labor;
  • prohibition of discrimination, harassment and abuse;
  • union freedom;
  • workers’ health and safety;
  • work contracts and defined wages;
  • control of working hours.

Who is the GRS label for?

GRS certification is aimed at companies / brands, active in ginning, spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and sewing, that wish have their finished and intermediate products recognized from recycled material. This label also allows distributors of rely on their responsible practices.

The GRS standard concerns companies in textile sector present in more than 50 countries.

GRS label: How to get it?

Do you want to highlight your ethical values and your products by obtaining GRS certification?

Close to independent certificate organizations, such as Ecocert, which have the capacity to deliver it.

This certification is paid and checks will also be carried out each year by independent organizations.


The GRS standard is a very good CSR tool to guarantee the traceability of recycled products throughout their manufacturing process. With the GRS label, bet on the valuation of your practices in line with environmental and social requirements!